OCS.tec LED ECLAIRAGE Simulation LEVAT/Coucher Soleil Lune Illumination Aquarium T5* AB5

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With our TMT-WP27W-L27 you receive a perfect computer-controlled powersaving LED lighting system for your aquarium or terrarium with any length from 90-120cm. The installation is realised in less than 5 minutes. Even if you want to replace your old energy-waisting T8 or T5 lighting system this is achieved in a few minutes. Simply open the cover, remove the old one completely from your aquarium/terrarium set and install the new one, close the cover – finished!

With this new LED technology 90% of the used energy is converted into light now. This means during the same lightning achievment an energy saving of approx. 68% is available. Also you get an extended life span of up to 100.000 hours.

With that freely programmable daylight and moon simulation your small world slides over to a gentle sunrise (1) to the daylight, in order to reach at noon the maximum daylight (2). Continuing to a sunny afternoon into the evening light (3) until finally after dawn (4) the moon rises (5). Also you may program any 30-stage simulation by the included remote control.

With the included remote control you can control all channels individually in 10% steps (0-100%) or stepless (453nm & cool white 6500K). Also you can switch on and off daylight automatic as well as programm the time. Please see here, which set is the right one for your aquarium. Each ground system (controler+LED bar) can be upgraded with an additional LED bar. All necessary interfaces are provided in the ground system. You only need one additional LED bar.

Manual: http://www.my-messgeraet.com/JOM/index.php/suche?searchword=ab5&ordering=newest&searchphrase=all&limit=30

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